The successes of Italian Exhibition Group’s trade show events have international resonance, as does the Group’s ability to preside over heterogeneous communities by setting in motion virtuous circles that strengthen companies’ business at a global level for further spill-over in their territories of origin. Singapore is strongly attracted to operators like IEG, international business players capable of guaranteeing services and content with high added value for stakeholders and economic chains.

Ilaria Cicero, ceo of IEG Asia Pte. Ltd.

Italian Exhibition Group and Singapore, a protocol that aims straight for the future and innovation. Ilaria Cicero, CEO of IEG Asia Pte. Ltd., the company set up last February after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the exhibition and conference group and STB – Singapore Tourism Board, tells us about the eight pillars that make the city-state a strategic hub in IEG’s march towards development in South-East Asia.

A journey that has already taken its first step and is awaiting its eminent second. After Cafe Asia – International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo, Sweet & Bakes Asia and Restaurant Asia, food & beverage events that took place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre from 25-27 May, Singapore is now waiting for the premiere of SIJE – Singapore International Jewelry Expo, an appointment that will see IEG’s jewellery & fashion division make its debut in the City from 13-16 July.

1. A global hub in continuous development

“By acquiring the hoReCa and jewelry events from CEMS – Conference & Exhibition Management Services, IEG has brought its flag to the fourth largest financial centre in the world. Formerly just a beacon for Asia, the city-state of Singapore has now become a veritable global hub of exponential economic growth. In the past year, the increase in financial capacity has been staggering at a time when the Republic has managed to outpace the economies of China and Hong Kong, which are still grappling with social and political issues related to the pandemic.”

2. Infrastructure, a showcase of growth

Infrastructure is a great asset in Singapore and the proving ground of the Republic’s impressive economic and financial growth. The port, currently the second largest in the world after Shanghai in terms of tonnage transported, is being further expanded with the construction of a third dock. The same goes for air transport, with Singapore-Changi Airport’s fifth terminal due to be completed in 2035. This is a relevant issue for the growth projections of trade show incoming.”

Singapore, Marina Bay

3. A strategic area for international business players

Stability, organisational culture and bureaucratic simplicity are the city-state’s real strong points together with extremely attractive elements for foreign business. Moreover, bilateral tax agreements with the EU and non-double-taxation agreements with ASEAN countries further facilitate trade and investment. Added to this is the government’s commitment, together with STB – Singapore Tourism Board and EDB – Economic Development Board, the strategic and operational arm of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, to offer elements of attractiveness through specific actions aimed at foreign players, such as IEG, in order to encourage them to settle in an area, which, given the rapid connections with China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, is strategic for business also from a geographical and cultural point of view.”

4. The knowledge and innovation economy

“The near-absence of natural resources in the area, and hence, the low impact of exports on the city’s economy, has led Singapore to focus on offering high added value skills, technology and services. IEG has therefore settled in an area that makes innovation and knowledge its main pillar, contributing with the same values applied to the trade show industry and major business events. STB and EDB, which support the development of this extraordinary business and financial hub by promoting networking between start-ups, local tech giants, big economic players and foreign investors potentially interested in settling in the Republic, play a fundamental role.”

5. The centrality of the trade show industry

“The trade show and congress industry is of exceptional importance to Singapore. The fact that the city already has three exhibition and conference centres is the proof. It is a sector in constant growth that already agglomerates the most important players at a global level and has now been further enriched with the arrival of IEG. Singapore’s exhibition activity is a point of reference for operators from China, India and the entire ASEAN area with visitors and buyers also attracted by entertainment packages, formulated once again by STB as part of the many initiatives in favour of foreign incoming.”

Cafe Asia – International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo, Sweet & Bakes Asia and Restaurant Asia are the Food & Beverage events that marked IEG’s debut in Singapore. The three exhibitions dedicated to catering took place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre from 25-27 May.

6. IEG’s already playing a leading role

“STB – Singapore Tourism Board has been the key interlocutor for IEG’s arrival in a Republic attracted by global business players and able to quickly create synergies and connections with territories and stakeholders in strategic geographical areas. The aim is to leverage the excellence of IEG’s expertise, which, through IEG Asia, is tasked with strengthening existing events and launching new projects and concepts that can enhance the entire MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) ecosystem in Singapore. The food&beverage and jewellery&fashion events acquired from CEMS are the most practical example, appointments that have already started to benefit from the Group’s leadership in sector events with products such as Sigep and Vicenzaoro.”

7. The virtuous circle of business

“With the four exhibitions dedicated to food & beverage, IEG’s ability to create value for economic supply chains has therefore already begun to stand out in Singapore even before the July appointment with SIJE. Demonstrating this exclusive know-how in the field and establishing direct relations in a strategic area will, on the one hand, support the business of Made in Italy companies in strategic markets, and on the other, raise the level of Asian internationality at domestic appointments, creating a virtuous circle in terms of incoming visitors and buyers from the ASEAN area with a positive impact on all the territories involved.”

8. A network to develop new concepts

“IEG is a leading player on the international trade show scene and both STB – Singapore Tourism Board and EDB – Economic Development Board are well aware of the extent and depth of the Group’s portfolio of exhibitions and events. IEG therefore becomes an interlocutor that can give concrete form to the continuous market researches promoted by the Republic’s bodies that aim to examine the margins for organizing events in numerous sectors. Sectors like sport or the circular economy and renewables, with sustainability being at the top of the political agenda of a Republic that can now count on a leading interlocutor on the subject, such as IEG with its expertise gained through Ecomondo, K.EY and the transversal action on all the sectors it oversees.”

Everything is ready for the premiere of SIJE – Singapore International Jewelry Expo under the IEG banner: the Group will be bringing the expertise of its Jewellery&Fashion division, gained from events such as Vicenzaoro, Oroarezzo and JGT Dubai, to the Lion City from 13 to 16 July 2023.